Services and Products of International Printing Co.

DESIGN: Our in-house graphic design department can assist you in all aspects of your project. We support both PC and MAC environments utilizing Adobe InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop and other top-of-the-line programs. For many users, the visual appearance of the mailing they receive impacts whether or not they even give the message a chance. IPC is delivering far more than just mailing services; we are capable of providing large business printing runs with high image quality. When you have talented and creative art direction, you need high fidelity printing, and we have just that.

PRINT: With sheet-fed presses and 2 non-heat set webs, we have the capability of handling up to 20" x 27" jobs. Insert sheets, presentation folders, forms, letterhead, envelopes, and brochures are among the items we produce. We understand that your needs may need to shift. Many campaigns have multiple phases that require a different type of printed material. We print to ship any kind of document. Medical pamphlets, leaflets, letters, flyers, personalized reply slips and even instruction manuals. Our versatility knows no bounds, and you do not have to worry about our quality dropping off with the change in task; we are just as adept at printing one item as we are for printing another. That is what twenty years of experience in the mailing printing industry gives you.

For Some, Print is a Lost Art, for Us it is Everything

LASER AND MAILING: Personalized letters, statements, and forms can be handled through our company from start to finish. This is important since personalization increases the connection between your reader and yourself. A great improvement in the follow through on personalized reply slips comes from the fact that the healthcare copywriters wrote copy that had an appeal to action that was personal and relevant to the recipient.

BINDERY: We handle most finishing jobs within our facility. For those more sophisticated pieces, we utilize the best bindery houses in Phoenix. Our bindery and printing for mailing is taken very seriously, it is what we judge ourselves by and a source of pride.

OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INCLUDE: postcards, brochures, books, forms, inserts, flyers, invitations, envelopes, letterhead, statements, portfolio folders, mailers, carbonless, newsletters, design, laser and mailing, instruction manual printing, and bindery.

If You Need Something Other than this, Just Ask Us

Our healthcare copywriters, printers and bindery professionals are some of the best you will ever find working today, and because we work at such a large scale, we can still manage to pass savings on to you. We are perfectionists and are on a never ending mission to look for new and better ways to get the mailing services and personalized printing better and better. So, if your company or organization is in need of the best printing (including large business printing), and you need that printing and mailing partner to ship it all in a sophisticated and efficient way, then look no further than the International Printing Company.

IPC is a 100% union print shop, CWA Local 7019, AFL-CIO.